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Vendor Guidelines

Please see the below guidelines concerning the procurement process for Gallatin Housing Authority. If there are additional questions, please contact us.

Small Purchases

  • Simple, informal method of purchasing items of supply or services with a cost not to exceed $100,000
  • Price quotes from an adequate number of qualified sources of supply
  • Issuance of a unilateral purchase order

Sealed Bidding

Conditions of use:

  • A cost over $100,000
  • Concise and unambiguous specifications
  • Two or more responsive and responsible bidders available
  • Firm fixed-price type of contract or purchase order
  • Selection based on price


  • Public advertising
  • Written solicitation with clear specifications
  • Solicitation of an adequate number of vendors or potential contractors
  • Public bid opening
  • Award to the supplier offering the lowest price and has been determined to be responsive and responsible

Competitive Negotiations (Request for Proposal, Request for Qualifications, A-E Contracts, Construction Contracts)

Conditions for use:

  • A cost over $100,000
  • Selection to be based on other than price alone
  • Cost reimbursement type of contract


  • Public advertising and direct solicitation
  • Ensure an adequate number of qualified sources
  • Evaluation criteria stated in the solicitation
  • Establish methods for technical evaluation
  • Determine which vendors are appropriate for further negotiations
  • Select the vendor whose proposal is most advantageous to Dothan Housing Authority

Non-competitive Negotiation or Bid

Limited to a single source or if no other bidders or vendors can be identified after solicitation or advertising

Conditions of use:

  • The vendor or bidder provides a unique or singular service or supply item
  • Emergency condition whereby life or property is in immediate danger - This method may only be used to alleviate the specific emergency. Subsequent actions to correct the situation or condition require that competitive procurement methods be used
  • Unavailable data or information about the item or service needed
  • HUD authorizes the use of noncompetitive proposal
  • The vendor or bidder is the only source for equipment or materials presently used by Dothan Housing Authority

Cooperative Purchasing/Intergovernmental Agreement

  • A State and/or local cooperative or intergovernmental agreement
  • Agreement may be used to purchase or use common supplies, equipment, or services
  • Decision to use this form of agreement is based on economy and efficiency