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A Message from the Executive Director

Headshot of Michael Bates, Executive Director.

The Gallatin Housing Authority serves as a beacon of hope in Gallatin, Tenn. Established in 1952 to provide decent, safe, and sanitary affordable housing for those experiencing stressful and tough times associated with rent burden challenges. GHA's vision is to seek the unconditional connectivity of affordable housing through the elimination of systemic inequality, systemic deprivation, systemic exclusion, and systemic discrimination and to end the devaluation of the poor.

GHA's Board of Commissioners and staff believe unqualifiedly in creating more environmentally safe and healthy neighborhoods by reintegrating systemic segregated communities back into the harmonious flow of the total landscape. GHA today represents an interconnected community that embraces and encourages learning and acknowledges the extrinsic rewards associated with transforming low-income families' lives one day at a time. We accept the esteemed honor of bearing the responsibility to advocate and lend a voice of inclusion for public housing communities. We fight relentlessly for absolute inclusion and challenge the alienation of such communities.

A true public servant symbolizes sympathy and compassion. Understanding my role as the Executive Director and a public servant, therefore, I embrace every optimal opportunity to strategically utilize sympathy and empathy to publicly speak out for justice, and restitution for the underserved. From a true public servant perspective - all lives do matter. Taking an optimistic perspective thereby embracing the principles of diversity, equality, and inclusivity.

Finally, I accept the formidable responsibility of building sustainable relationships with community partners with the goal of reconstructing disconnected communities and introducing new patterns of thinking that, encourage self-determination, self-sufficiency, and improved self-esteem to uplift themselves out of poverty for generations to come.