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March Newsletter 2023


March 2023

Inspections Next Month!!!!

It's that time of year again... HUD REAC Inspections.  The HUD inspector will be in Gallatin and Carthage April 3rd-5th.  Here are a few reminders as you prepare for inspection.

  • Clean your apartment thoroughly, removing any trash.
  • Make sure all of your smoke detectors work properly.
  • Make sure you have bulbs in ALL light fixtures.  
  • Remove any cord that are running on the floor and may present a tripping hazard.
  • Call in any last minute work orders.
  • Remove foil from drip pans.
  • Make sure your windows and doors are not blocked by furniture or possessions.
  • Make sure there are no flammable liquids in the house


Important Dates 

March 8th - Late Fees Start

March 23rd - Last Day to Pay

Reminders         Dont Forget

  • Apartments must be in clean & safe conditions at ALL times.
  • Income affidavit's must be completed the last week of the month ONLY!  Failure to do so will stop your utility payment and a Notice to Vacate may be issued for Non-Compliance.
  • Account balances cannot be carried over to the next month.  ALL accounts must have a $0 balance by the end of each month.
  • Repetitive Notice to Vacates and/or Lease Violations may result in your lease not being renewed.
  • If damages are found in your apartment and you have failed to request a work order; this is grounds for Eviction.
  • If you have a pest issue you MUST report it to the office.  You should NOT treat bed bugs, roaches, spiders, etc. on your own.  we have a contracted company that will handle all pest control issues in a professional manner.
  • Communication is KEY.

Money Orders

Pay to the order of should always be GHA or Gallatin Housing Authority.  If you have purchased a money order, please place your name legible and your address otherwise you may be charged a late fee if it's not legible and left in the drop box.  Please refrain from purchasing a money order from HG Hills as the the ink is not legible for our scanner.

Dryer Fire - The Dangers of Dryer Lint

Dryers depend on a 4-inch diameter, unrestricted, metal vent to exhaust the hot, moist air to the outdoors.  Overtime, lint from multiple loads can build up in the vent system, preventing the hot air from escaping.  This trapped heat causes parts of the system to heat up which combined with the presence of lint can bring the real possibility of a fire.  A best practice to adopt during your laundry routine would be to clean your vent between every load of laundry.


Stay Connected

Staying Connected through the Holiday Season - Nevada Department of  Veterans Services

If you live on streets - Hull, N. Boyers, Small, Owen, 400 Block of Blythe, 400 Block of Small, 500 Block of Blythe, Chambers, Cosco and Yale, Adriana is your Property Manager.  She can be reached at 615-452-1661 Extension 2.

If you live on streets - Blakemore, Lackey, Alexander, Pace, Lake, Trimble, Santa Monica, Chaffin, and Womack, Michelle is your Property Manager.  She can be reached at 615-452-1661 Extension 1.

If you live in Carthage or South Carthage, Chad is your Property Manager.  He can be reached at 615-735-1510.