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May 2024 Newsletter

Hello Residents!

Happy Birthday to all of the May Birthdays, and Congratulations to our 2024 graduates! You did it! Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms! May you have a wonderful and restful Mother's Day!

As warmer weather approaches, please remember to keep an eye on your children and the children of your community. Slow Down!! Please talk with your children about playing safe, picking up their trash, and making safe and healthy decisions. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a safe, peaceful, and enjoyable summer!

It is mowing season. Remember to keep all toys, bikes, yard decor, picked up. The lawn company is not required to move your solar lights, decor, etc. to mow. Please be mindful of this.

Also, remember pools, water slides, etc. are NOT allowed at GHA. If you are found to have any of these items, it will be disposed of, and a water charge will be assessed.

GHA will be closed Monday, May 27th in observance of Memorial Day.

Summer Reminders

As we head into the summer months please be mindful and remember your lease guidelines. Though some of them may be tempting, please remember to abide by your lease at all times. If you have any questions regarding any of the below please reach out to your property manager immediately to discuss.

Pools of any kind are not allowed on the premises. If your apartment is found to have a pool, it will immediately be disposed of at tenant cost, and a water charge will be assessed.

If you have a small garden it must have a border and be against the apartment to avoid being mowed over by the mowing company.

Water hoses are PROHIBITED! If they are found on the property they will disposed of at tenant cost.

The only furniture allowed outside of the unit is lawn appropriate furniture.

If a tenant's child is outside or at the park THEY MUST BE SUPERVISED!

If there is trash in a tenant's yard, it is the tenant's responsibility to pick it up. If it is not picked up and maintenance is called to do so, the tenant's account will be charged.

If your apartment area has a pavilion, you must use this pavilion without an appointment. The Gallatin Housing Authority is proud to offer this amenity to our residents. The pavilion area must be cleaned up immediately after use. If a tenant damages or defaces the pavilion area or park, the Housing Authority will file charges and/or the tenant's lease may be terminated.

Changes in Income

If your rent is being determined by the formula method (income based rent) you MUST report these changes within ten (10) days of their occurrence. Please let us know if you lose your job, start a new job, anything. COMMUNICATION IS KEY!

Flammable Liquids

Please remember flammable liquids are NOT to be stored indoors!

No Income Affidavit Requirements

If you are a tenant with ZERO income, you qualify as a credit renter. ALL credit renters are REQUIRED to report to the office MONTHLY to fill out an income affidavit certifying that they are still without income. Utility Reimbursement Payments cannot be issued without this paperwork.

Stay Connected

If you live on the streets of Hull, N. Boyers, Small, Owen, 400 Block of Blythe, 400 Block of Small, 500 Block of Blythe, Chambers, Cosco, Yale - Adriana is your Property Manager. She can be reached at 615-452-1661 Ext 12.

If you live on the streets of Blakemore, Lackey, Alexander, Pace, Lake, Trimble, Santa Monica, Chaffin, Womack - Michelle is your Property Manager,. She can be reached at 615-452-1661 Ext. 11

If you live in Carthage or South Carthage, Chad is your Property Manager. Carthage 615-735-1510 M,W,F. South Carthage 615-735-1940 Tues & Thurs. Office Hours 8am-4:30pm on their respective days.

Don't Forget

Apartments must be in a clean & safe condition at ALL times!

Repetitive Notice to Vacates and/or Lease Violations may result in your lease not being RENEWED!

If damages are found in your apartment and you have failed to request a work order; this is grounds for EVICTION.

All automobiles must have VALID TAGS, OPERATABLE CONDITIONS (4 TIRES) & must be parked in designated parking spaces, NOT ON GRASS OR SIDEWALK.

Trash cans should only be at the road when it is your scheduled pick up day. If it is not your regular trash day, your trash can should be placed in the rear of your apartment. This is a lease violation and may lead to a notice sent.

If you have trash that does not fit inside of your trash can, you must contact the sanitation department at 615-452-2147 and schedule a pick up. You should only place the bulk trash out the night before it is scheduled to be picked up.

If you have a pest issue you MUST report it to the office. You should not treat bed bugs, roaches, spiders, etc. on your own. We have a contracted company that will handle all pest control issues in a professional manner.

Important Dates

May 8th - Late Fee's Begin

May 22nd - Last Day to Pay

May 27th- Memorial Day - CLOSED