About Us

Gallatin Housing Authority was established in 1952. The Authority operates and manages 296 housing units in Gallatin, 93 housing units in Carthage, and 70 units in South Carthage. We have been serving the affordable housing needs of the community for the past 62 years. The Gallatin and South Carthage Housing Authorities are each comprised of 5 board members.

Gallatin Board of Commissioners

Jeff Bond (Chairman)                           Shirlene Campbell

Vince Malone                                         Andrew C. Turner

Reba Carter (Resident Commissioner)

South Carthage Board of Commissioners

Dewayne Wilmore (Chairman)             Robert Hewitt

Ricky Dennis                                             Michael Nixon

Jimmy Wheeler

It is a privilege and honor to greet each of you on behalf of the Gallatin Housing Authority’s residents, employees, and Board of Commissioners, where innovative-planning, creative-thinking, and team-empowerment is transforming a HUD federal subsidy dependent public housing authority into a more aggressive, independent, self-determined and, progressive affordable housing development. Beginning with the Agency’s first Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) rehabilitation project with a new vision, a new direction, and a new purpose have begun with GHA. Our customers can feel and have witnessed to the start of this transformation. I want to mention our new resident initiatives which are being planned for 2014 and 2015. We are currently pursuing partnerships with local professional social service providers. These service providers are adequately prepared and ready to offer self-sufficiency, financial wellness, and job skill training classes. You are welcome to visit our website anytime, and I hope you find the information within it relevant to you or your family’s needs.

Michael A. Bates

Executive Director Gallatin Housing Authority & South Carthage Housing Authority




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